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I'm a new owner of a little kitten that a friend had given me. I had never owned a pet before much less a baby animal so I was concerned when I found out it had been outside for the first 4 weeks of its life. I went to this location because it was close to my house and the Yelp reviews seemed promising.

When I got there I was greeted by two very nice assistants. Right off the bat there were good vibes. My appointment was set at 11:45 and after I filled out some paperwork they let me in a room and one of the assistants weighed and checked the temperature of Eugene (my kitty). No wait at all! Then she left and told me Dr Qadeer would be there shortly and after about 5 minutes, he came to give the examination. Prior to the visit I thought my kitten was a girl but turns out she was a he lol. He finished the exam and let me stay after to ask some questions because I had plenty, being a new owner.

I went to pay for my visit and I found the $5 first visit and asked if they honored the discount and they did! I saved myself $34! I'll be back in two weeks for vaccinations and I have no doubt the experience will be just as pleasant. Thanks Dr Qadeer :)

Krystal D.
Santa Ana, CA
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