Excellent Care Through Teamwork and Dedication

Santa Ana Veterinary Hospital Inc has been established since 1978. Since that time, we have expanded our staff and building to become one of the area’s state-of-the-art veterinary care facilities. Santa Ana Veterinary Hospital Inc is dedicated to meeting the needs and wants of our clients and their pets. Our mission is to serve clients by caring for the total wellness of their pets. This includes; pet selection, wellness care, care during illness or injury, nutritional and behavioral counseling, and celebration of the human-animal bond. We are a professional staff committed to providing excellent care through teamwork and dedication for every client, every pet, every time. Thanks to advances in veterinary medicine, pets are living longer than ever before. However, with this increased lifespan comes an increase in the types of ailments that can afflict senior pets. As pets reach the golden years, there are a variety of conditions and diseases that they can face, including weight and mobility changes; osteoarthritis; kidney, heart, and liver disease; tumors and cancers; hormone disorders such as diabetes and thyroid imbalance; and many others.

Continued Medical Advancement Through Education

To keep up with the growing wealth of knowledge in veterinary care, our veterinary doctor and support staff participate in continuing education and training on a regular basis. We will continue to meet high standards to provide the highest quality medical and surgical care.